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Matthew Welton

Matthew Welton We Needed Coffee but...

Matthew Welton’s poetry first appeared in magazines, and alongside a number of Faber poets in their shortlived Faber Firsts. These poems and more formed his first collection,
“The Book of Matthew” from Carcanet. Well-known within the Manchester poetry scene, the collection only told half the story, as his mesmerising live performances, with all poems read from memory, and frequently including games, cover versions and, more recently, live sampling, have always taken the “poetry reading” in a different direction. Though not a prolific poet, his second collection, “We needed coffee…” (an abbreviation of it’s typically long title) collected not just new poems but collaborations and commissions. Another Manchester poet included in “Identity Parade” his best work defies description, always a good sign for a poet, even if the influences of Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams nod in a classically modernist direction. More recently, he’s been collaborating with photographers and artists, yet everything he does has both a seriousness and a playfulness, which I’ve always responded to with enjoyment.

Matthew Welton on Carcanet’s Website
Review of “We needed coffee but…” by James Davies

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