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A.M. Homes

Iowa graduate, American novelist and short story writer A.M. Homes is a writer that crept up on me. I’d occasionally come across one of her remarkably elastic short stories online or in a collection and always marvel at her inventiveness. She’s a satirist, but owe something to the more experimental writing of Kathy Acker. For me, she’s one of the writers who manages to get to the heart of contemporary America. Her debut collection “The Safety of Objects” is remarkable, and I prefer her stories to her novels, which have often been on controversial subjects. Yet her 2006 novel “This Book Can Save Your Life” was an international bestseller, as well as a remarkably powerful book. Without the sentimentality of some of her male peers, she’s probably the best – and funniest – contemporary stylist writing in America today.

Wikipedia entry for A.M. Homes
A.M. Homes Website
My review of “This Book Can Save Your Life”
Read her early story “A Real Doll”

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