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Creative Non-Fiction for Writers Workshop

I am giving a workshop as part of the Calderdale Writers Workshop New Writing day in Brighouse Library on Saturday 10th September.

You can choose 2 workshops during the day – and mine is described below. As an example of my own creative non-fiction, you can read these 2 published pieces in this free download from Flax Books.

Adrian Slatcher – Creative Non-fiction for Writers

Non-fiction is not just for journalists or academics – it has a long history of being used creatively, and increasingly writers are using the tools of fiction to write non-fiction. This workshop will look at what is creative non-fiction; provide examples of how writers have and are using fictional techniques in non-fiction and discuss the rise of blogs and the blogger.

In this workshop you will gain experience of writing creatively and be given some tools and techniques on how to do so.

2 comments on “Creative Non-Fiction for Writers Workshop

  1. Anita Alzamora
    August 19, 2011

    I would have liked to attend the Creative Non-Fiction workshop but have to be away that day and in fact not around until September 26. Will you be doing this workshop again in the near future and or can you recommend something else I can do in the meantime to bump start me towards more non- ficiton wiriting? I was a feature writer for my Uni newspaper years ago and have a desire to do some non-ficiton wriitng ( I have a few ideas about what I would like to do) I need to newtwork if possible and wonder if there are others out there who could be mutually supportive. Any ideas?

  2. Adrian Slatcher
    August 21, 2011

    thanks for your interest – I know there was a recent workshop on “life writing” in Manchester and it was was well attended so I think there will be some more in the future. (That was organised by Kate Feld, who blogs about such things at and she’s told me she plans to run some others.) If my workshop goes well I may well look at putting it on again in Manchester. There are a number of courses beginning to take place at The Madlab in the Northern Quarter, (where Comma Press/Literature NW are based), so that’s another option. The Literature festival in Manchester begins in October as well –

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