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Adrian Slatcher writes poetry, fiction and criticism, and lives in Manchester.

Audio: Playing Solitaire for Money

“Playing Solitaire for Money” was launched at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester in January 2011, alongside JT Welsch’s “Orchids”. Will Carr, from the Foundation introduced us, and kindly recorded the performance. It lasts just under 20 minutes and is available to listen to or as a podcast download (To Download: click on Info, then on the collection name, and this will take you to the Soundcloud site, and the down arrow allows you to download and save the file.)

1. Anthony Burgess (unpublished)
2. My Monster
3. Frontier
4. The Death of the Grand Gesture
5. Late Love
6. The Maze
7. The Hidden Species of the Foja Mountains (unpublished)
8. In the Harlequin (unpublished)

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