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New Story on Fleeting Magazine

I’m pleased to say that I’ve got a new short story online at the lovely Fleeting Magazine, home of much that is short and good. The story is a little confection called Footnotes in Search of a Story.

One comment on “New Story on Fleeting Magazine

  1. Charlotte Seymour
    October 10, 2013

    Dear Adrian,

    I am writing from Fleeting to let you know that we recently relaunched as Fleeting Books, a London-based literary consultancy, with a panel of published authors offering a range of editorial services. Although the magazine no longer exists as a separate entity, we continue to publish new short fiction and interviews on our website, and have several new projects in the pipeline.

    I don’t know whether, having previously featured in the magazine, you would be interested in writing a post on your blog about the developments at Fleeting, but we wanted to keep you updated in any case, and hope that you are having success in your writing.

    Please do pass the word on to any budding writers you may know, and we hope you enjoy our new website.

    Best wishes,

    Charlotte Seymour
    Editorial Assistant | @ThisIsFleeting

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