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Adrian Slatcher writes poetry, fiction and criticism, and lives in Manchester.

Bedroom Cassette Masters Vol.8

bcmI’m very pleased to be featured on the Bedroom Cassette Masters series of downloads for the 3rd time. Put together by the industrious Simon Holland this rediscovers those 80s bedroom musicians from a pre-internet age recording electronic music with synths, drum machines and 4-track portastudios.

My track “Complexities Part 6” is credited to The Folly and was recorded in early 1986 when was 18, turning 19. It was the high water mark of my ambient instrumental recordings, the whole piece clocking in at 22:41 – the maximum I could fit on one side of a C46 tape! This final section is far from ambient being a shimmering euphoric chord sequence.

Download and you get a lovely PDF booklet to go with it.

I was previously on volume 1 (“Exit from Maya”) and volume 5(“The Wasp Factory”) and on the 90s compilation volume 7 (“Last Night We Were Soft Porn”).

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