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Adrian Slatcher writes poetry, fiction and criticism, and lives in Manchester.

Exits/Exist – New Poetry Pamphlet

A new limited edition handmade poetry pamphlet for 2018. Exits/Exist brings together some of the poetry I’ve been performing live, with other more recent works in a 20 poem collection that considers our mortality. These are poems of escape, and of longing – but whereas a young man might frame this in a certain way, from innocence, these are questions asked in middle age, with a sense of hard-won knowledge and life’s experience. But that’s not to say its a depressing read; more “lived in”, and the external world is as much of interest as the interior, whether concerning Schoenberg’s biography, Brexit, or “the neat woman in flat shoes” handing out “The Watchtower.”

 “…..Once I felt everything, intensely –
now I have immersion down to a fine art.
Tomorrow I put up the missing cat poster. “

exit exists cover

With a silver craft cover, designed by the poet, this is an initial limited run of 50 copies available to order online or at readings for £4. Please use Paypal for this transaction. Payable to adrian(dot)slatcher(at)gmail(dot)com. Please provide your name and delivery address. If you aren’t able to afford this (which just covers costs), but would still like a copy then please email at the same address.

exit insides


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