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Adrian Slatcher writes poetry, fiction and criticism, and lives in Manchester.

New Music

Only 1

2020 sees the release of ONLY EVER DOING WHAT’S EXPECTED OF YOU IS A TRAGEDY PART 1 and PART 2 – 2 new full length albums (my 36th and 37th) recorded over the last two years. Part 1 includes 12 short vocal songs inc. the single Where are you? Ranging from the introspection of Changing Lanes and Dive, to the Motown-esque I Like You More Than I Ought to, to the Sleaford Mods style Orthodox People, New Order quoting Barney, and political post-Brexit pieces This is a Coup and Make the Middle Class Angry and Sad.

Part 2, with some more recent recordings, is half made up of non-vocal tracks, from dubsteppy opener 2-3-4, through techno KROKODIL and ambient In the Forest of Distaff, alongside more sombre electro gothic songs such as Gardener of Gethsemane and Nothing (in the year of the ending.).

Overall 2 very different releases that herald a new phase in my discography after the summing of the I Made These Tracks Earlier compilation and The Middle Age boxset.

Available to stream and download now.

Part 1 is here 

Part 2 is here

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