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Adrian Slatcher writes poetry, fiction and criticism, and lives in Manchester.

The Portable Slatcher


In 2017, turning 50, I decided it was time to collate the best of my published and unpublished writing.

The Portable Slatcher Volume 1 collects 15 years of work – broadly from 1995 when I was shortlisted for the Lichfield Prize for my novel Lineage, to 2010 when I had 2 poetry pamphlets published.

Although a first version of this was completed during 2017, it has taken till now for me to to have completed the selection.

The “career spanning” anthology is usually reserved for those who are both prolific and successful, so this is a deliberately quixotic project. What does the collected works of a barely published writer look like?

That said, much of the poetry and some of the stories in here have found a home, but much of this work is now out of print or would be impossible to find. The bulk of the selection extracts from my unpublished novels, beginning with a brief extract of the novel I wrote in my twenties, Mocking the Peasants, and with substantial selections from High Wire, the novel I wrote on my M.A. between 1997-8, and its unfinished follow up All this Scenery.

The one complete longer work included is the novella For the Want of a Gas Barbecue.

The poetry selection concentrates on published collections, including the self published The Sedge Flowers of Imagining, as well as those 2 pamphlets, Playing Solitaire for Money and Extracts from “Levona”, with a few additional poems from the same period.

The book concludes with 24 short stories, selected from more than 100 I would write during that 15 year period, including both published and unpublished works.  

An introduction written in April 2020 looks back on my writing, and on the project itself.

Printed on demand via the Lulu service, the book is available at cost from (£10, plus post and packing.) If you are interested in a copy please get in touch.

The book is over 650 pages long, A5. IMG_20200827_121209


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