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Adrian Slatcher writes poetry, fiction and criticism, and lives in Manchester.


Nb_zine (@Nb_zine on twitter) was launched in July with issue 1 – the Culture Issue. Alongside a non-linear 7000 word essay on culture, it included a poem, a game, a discography and a photo gallery, and each copy came with a bookmark and two colour photographs from the gallery “Signs of Lockdown.”

Issue 2 – The War Issue follows in September, and will include contributions from other people – please email to adrian dot slatcher at gmail dot com if you have anything that might fit. I’m hoping to have a mini-anthology of “war poetry” (make of that theme what you will.) Its called The War Issue in an echo of Wyndham Lewis’s BLAST which also had a 2nd issue with that title. As well, we are once again at war in Europe. The essay this time will be on the role culture plays in times of war and conflict, and why it remains important even if it appears ephemeral when people are losing their lives. No rules, particularly, but no room for Putin apologists either.

The magazine is currently “free” to a good home (recession and energy crisis willing) and issue 1 saw 50 copies fly off the shelves to a discerning audience.

Nb_zine will be appearing alongside Some Roast Poet publishing at a Manchester independent book fair in September, more information shortly, and I hope to have #2 and more copies of #1 available then.

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