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Adrian Slatcher writes poetry, fiction and criticism, and lives in Manchester.

Acrobat Above the Sky (a concept 1985-2022) by Bonbon Experiment

Acrobat Above the Sky (a concept 1985-2022) by Bonbon Experiment is now available to stream and download. My 41st album, its 14 songs across just over 50 minutes telling the story of Nathaniel, a troubled young man, who finds release in a giant trampoline, which he uses to leap higher and higher until he is an acrobat above the sky, floating in space. Its been 18 months since I first began recording these songs, (and at least 37 years since I had the idea!) so I’m really pleased to have finally completed it to make available before Christmas. Despite the concept, I think the songs stand alone. Favourites: The Secrets, Be My Animus, Petrichor, Acrobat Above the Sky, Not Falling, You’re Floating.


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