Adrian Slatcher Online

Adrian Slatcher writes poetry, fiction and criticism, and lives in Manchester.


Contact Details

I can be contacted by email at adrian (dot) slatcher (at) Gmail (dot) com or on twitter at @adrianslatcher

If you would like a signed copy of my books please get in touch directly.

My publishers can be contacted as follows :-

Salt Publishing
Copies of “Playing Solitaire for Money” can be ordered from here or contact the author.

Knives Forks and Spoons
Copies of “Extracts from Levona” can be ordered from here or contact the author.

Live Readings

I am an experienced reader of my own work, and I am happy to read at your event or festival, particularly with other writers. Please contact me directly if you would like my involvement. Examples of my reading live can be found on the site. I am currently reading mainly from my Salt collection “Playing Solitaire for Money”.


I am a diverse writer, and write fiction, poetry and non-fiction, I also work with music and digital formats. If you would like to suggest a collaboration, are looking for contributions to an anthology or would like me to review for you, or have any other ideas please get in touch.


I am an experienced trainer, facilitator and chair, and will be happy to discuss opportunities around creative work, literature, and the use of digital by the arts. Again, please get in touch.

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