Adrian Slatcher Online

Adrian Slatcher writes poetry, fiction and criticism, and lives in Manchester.



Poetry Publications

Extracts from Levona (a work in progress) (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, 2010, ISBN-978-0-9565418-0-2)
Playing Solitaire for Money (Salt Publishing, 2010, ISBN-978-1844717996)

Recent Poetry in Magazines/Anthologies

The Rialto, “Because the Beach Needs Sweeping”
Lamport Court, “News Values”
Ink, Sweat and Tears (Online), “The Child Poet Revisited
Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot (e-book), “Her Jazz for Pussy Riot”
The Rialto, “Beauty”
Sculpted: Poetry of the North West, “Borges in Beswick” and “Morecambe Bay”
Best of Manchester Poets 3 (Puppywolf Press), “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as Workshop Poem”
Bare Fiction, “The Mutables,” “May the Livid Times Settle” and “Impressions Between Places”
Veild the Pole, “In Machines we Trust”
Advice on Proposals, “Mr. Bennet’s Marriage Tips for Girls”
Ink, Sweat and Tears (Online), “Scott in the Burnt House”
Under the Radar, “Is that a Thom Gunn in Your Pocket or are You Just Pleased to See Me?”
Prole #16,  “Parallels”
Dear Watson: the Very Elements in Poetry: “In Search of Dubnium”
Not a Drop, “Home”
All The Sins, “Joni” & “Artist Pop”
Lighting Out, “Pepper’s Ghost”
Mid-life Crisis, “Role Models in Middle Age”

Recent Stories in Magazines/Anthologies

Everyday Genius (Online), “The Girlfriend Who Got Me Into Mazzy Star”
Rainy City Stories (Online), “The Ikea in Ashton Can Be Seen From Space”
Quickies: Short Stories for Adults, “The New Club”
Fleeting Magazine (Online), “Footnotes in Search of a Story”
Unthology 4, “The Cat”
Fugue: the Siren Anthology, “Dear Papa”
Confingo Magazine, “Last Testament of a Lighthouse Keeper”
VLAK, “The Good Citizen”
Empty State, (reprinted in Best British Short Stories 2018) “Life Grabs” 
Litro US, (reprinted in Best British Short Stories 2020) “Dreams are Contagious”
Confingo Magazine, “Ten Minutes in Every Hour”


Parameter, “Treeville”
Verse Kraken, “Diptych: Fly in/out of the Ointment”

Recent Non Fiction

Flax 19, “Mostly Truthful”, Birds & Fish
Flax 19, “Mostly Truthful”, I Will Be Buried By Books
Sabotage Review, various reviews.
The Shrieking Violet 21, The End of Memory
The Shrieking Violet 23, The Secret History of the Synthesizer
Empty State, LIKE This Post
Shock City, essay


Stirred Poetry, Manchester, 2012
Poems for Pussy Riot, Manchester, 2012
Bad Language, Manchester, 2013
Home is where the Art Is, Didsbury Arts Festival, 2013
Prole art threat: Poems inspired by the Fall, Manchester 2013
Peter Barlow’s Cigarette, August 2013 & July 2016
The Junkyard Procession/Paradox, March 2014
Verbose, Fallowfield, January 2015
Dear Watson Anthology Launch, November 2015
Re:Placed, Didsbury Arts Festival, July 2017
Some Roast Poetry, Didsbury Arts Festival, 2019



Northern Short Story Competition, “Bat-She-Bop” (shortlisted)
Northern Short Story Competition, “Awesome Wells” (shortlisted)


Lichfield Prize, “Lineage” (shortlisted)
Lichfield Prize, “In Search of Sally Johnson” (shortlisted)

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