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C.D. Wright

One Big Self - photo by Deborah Luster

One Big Self - photo by Deborah Luster

I first read C.D. Wright in Poetry, extracts from her “One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana”, a fascinating work, with poems by Wright and photographs by Deborah Luster, and from this ordered her recent selected, “Steal Away.” At the time it was only available in the U.S. but since then has been reissued by Bloodaxe. This is a poet who is appears always to be in flux, different projects requiring different methods, but at the heart of her work there’s often a profound lyricism that is anything but accidental. “Discovered poets” mean more to me than those thrust upon me, and Wright, though highly regarded and widely published is one of those. A poem such as the beautiful Lake Echo, Dear has both a surface calm and hidden depths.

Interview with C.D. Wright (2001, Jacket Magazine)
Wikipedia entry for C.D. Wright
Selected Poems (UK) (US)
Read her poems at the Poetry Foundation

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