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In Search of Dubnium


I’ve not posted on here for a while – but had to mention the lovely anthology “Dear Watson – the very elements in poetry” which I contributed to, and which was launched at a wonderfully collegiate event at the Anthony Burgess foundation the week before last (see photo.)

Published by Rebecca Bilkau’s Beautiful Dragons press, its the 4th collaborative project she has curated. This one invited a wide range of poets to contribute a poem inspired by one of the periodic table of elements. My science education is fuzzy at the best of times, but the great thing about projects like this is the freedom it gives you to interpret your “chosen” element in any way you can. Mine, Dubnium, is a man-made radioactive isotope that has only ever appeared in laboratory conditions – and I chose it because I liked the “dub” in the name, which ended up featuring in the poem itself – as it was discovered around the same time that “dub” was originated. A nice coincidence that made writing the poem so much easier!

The collection’s title is a pun on Sherlock Holmes’ “elementary my dear Watson” of course….

Copies of the very elegant anthology can be purchased here. There’s a wide range of poets in it, some I knew, others new to me, but the readings were without exception excellent – and it makes a nice gift for either the poetry fan or the science geek in your life!

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